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How health and well being of child could be ensured?

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Effective Lal Kitab Remedy for saving your children from Evil/ Bad Eye (Nazar Dosha)

Many a times I have seen that children, especially small children get affected due to evil eye of people surrounding them. It is also known as Nazar Dosha which affect health and development of such children. The concept of "Evil or Bad eye" is associated with the transfer of negative energy by a person who is envious of your reputation, fame, health or financial condition. I have seen that there are persons who are not troubled by their own worries but rather they are troubled and worried by the happiness and well being of others. When a person constantly thinks negative about another person or object the negative thoughts accumulated in his or her mind. This vibrating energy when transferred to another object may cause harm to it. Children are more susceptible to such bad or evil eye impact. Some of the most common symptoms of "Najar dosha" or "Evil eye" in children can be seen in their irritating behavior, their physical weakness, sudden illness, vomiting, loss of memory, child crying incessantly without reason and unexpected behavior. I am giving here a good remedy for saving your children from such Nazar Dosha or bad eye of others.

In the evening take some milk in a bowl or preferably in a mud container. Move it anticlockwise 21 times from the child who you think is affected by evil eye. Now serve this milk to any street dog or any other dog you may find near your house. It will remove evil eye and your child would feel good.

Apart from the above remedy, in the night around 9-10 p.m. you can keep a mud bowl or container below the bed of your child. keep it over night and in the morning serve this milk to a dog. If you can find a black color dog it would be better. You should do this remedy on any Saturday, Tuesday or on Amavasya to get more favorable results.

Finally I would advise that if you are facing problem of evil eye or any other similar problem with regard to you or your child, you should consult a good astrologer so that remedy could be suggested based on the study of horoscope and transit conditions. I have seen many people who tend to look for easy shortcuts and do not want to spend money on getting a good consultation for them or their children. They continue to spend thousands of rupees on paying for medical treatment but do not get good astrological consultation.This proves to be disadvantageous for them in the long run.

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In spite of no health problem, you are not able to conceive?

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