Feng Shui is a practice based on the idea that our homes are a mirror of whats happening inside us. The purpose of Feng Shui is to get your environment in alignment with who you are and where you want to go to harmonize your energy with your home energy. Feng Shui really works like magic. It is like a miraculous force working either to your advantage or disadvantage. Good Feng Shui is about organizing your home in a way that affects you in a positive manner. This means every object in your house is reflecting positive energy. And when I say every object I mean from the placement of your mirror to your bed to your couch to the plant that looks like it might just be dying.

But I would say Feng Shui decorating is not just moving furniture. It is about selecting certain objects for a very systematic placement. For Example

Did You Know: If you place a water fountain in the wealth corner of your living room you can attract wealth and prosperity into your life

I will tell you everything you need to know about using Feng Shui tips and rules to achieve the wealth and social status you feel you deserve. You do not have to wait all your life for achieving what you want. Through using Feng Shui in the right manner you will be able to attract good fortune wealth and prosperity.

I would like you to discover answers to following questions:

Wealth- Are you sick of falling back into financial troubles and credit mishaps?

Health- Do you try one new diet after another but nothing works? Are you suffering from multiple diseases?

Love- Are you tired of relationships turning sour and unable to find your perfect soul mate?

Career- Do you hate your job and keep looking at the watch at work?

Networking- Are you unable to find helpful people in the world of lying, backstabbing and dirty tricks?

Descendants- Are you unable to conceive a child and raise a family?

Education - Do you want to shine in your examination? Is every step becoming another mistake you regret? Are you trying to make a better sense of what is going on in your life?

Fame- Is someone stealing away the recognition, respect and fame for your hard work? Are you looking for fame, adulation and be in the news for good reasons?

If you have any of the above issues, Feng Shui can provide solutions to all the issues. In our consultation, you can learn how to decorate your bedroom to bring back the romantic passion missing from your love or married life. You will learn where to place your decorative items, what colors to use on the walls, the best place your sofas, bed, stove, mirrors, water fountains, plants so that you can maximize the positive energy in your house to give health wealth and prosperity to you.

Also you will learn how to make feng shui adjustments to protect your home wealth and loved ones.

It is a disgrace for you to stay where you are and to not know these tips and secrets. Because, so many people (including rich and famous celebrities) use these secrets to improve wealth, social status and happiness.

Book a Feng Shui consultation and change the flow of energy in your home or business place.


Feng means wind and Shui means water. Feng Shui is a Chinese traditional discipline which studies the way in which human beings can co-exist in harmony with nature. I have applied the concepts of Feng Shui in practice and I can vouch that they definitely give benefit as they are based on ensuring your harmony with nature.

Today I would like to discuss my Feng Shui tips which are useful for all people using Wallet or Purse to keep money. My objective is to ensure that through your wallet you are able to attract positive Qi which is pronounced as "Chi" in Feng Shui. Spending the time to clean and organize your wallet is sign of respecting your hard work, earnings and cash. Take the time to read this post thoroughly and then set aside a specific time to do this exercise.

Tip 1 - Keep your wallet or purse Free of Clutter

Firstly, it is always good to keep your wallet in a clean and tidy state, so start clearing all the unnecessary stuff out of your purse and wallet. Here are some dos and do not for what items should be put into your wallet:

Do not keep receipt, credit card bill or anything that is representing debt or spending money in your wallet.

Always keep your wallet packed with money because it is a symbol of abundance. Avoid empty wallet.

Do not place junk, like sweet wrapper, old name card, and expired membership card of any type in your wallet.

In summary, just get rid of anything that you do not use and only put those essential items.

Tip 2 - Store your wallet properly

Next, you must treat your wallet well before it treat you well too. Allocate a special location in your house for your wallet and place it there everything you are back home, so that it will feel treasured. Once you learn to appreciate them, it will tend to attract more money onto your life. Avoid tossing your wallet away on the dining table or anywhere that you find it convenient.

Tip 3 - Respect your Wallet

Do not place your wallet on the floor, especially on toilet floor.

Tip 4 - Colour does matter in Wallet Feng Shui

Color of the wallet stands for different elements and has meaning behind it. I am sharing a brief chart for wallet colour with elements and their interpretation below:

Wallet Feng Shui Color/Element/Representation chart

Black Water Black is the most common and popular color and you got it right. Black represents wealth and prosperity. If you are looking for advancement in career or soar in your business, black is the color to go for.
Blue Water Blue symbolize money will be drained just like water (attract splurging) and it is hard to accumulate wealth, so the color is not recommended.
Red Fire Red represents fire and it is not advisable for wallet color because it will burn away your wealth luck.
Brown Earth If you want to increase savings or has the habit of spending too much money, this color may help you to save money.
Pink Fire This color is more suitable for ladies who are looking for the other half as it increase love and relationship luck. If you are looking for increasing wealth, do not use this color
Green Wood Green represents growth and life. In home Feng Shui, you will add green plant to help increase the positive flow of energy in your space, a green wallet will help to increase income opportunity. It is especially suitable for entrepreneurs to welcome business idea and opportunities.
Yellow Metal Normal light yellow color wallet may often attract money, but it will be often in and out. Money flows well but spending a lot of money as well. To resolve the above situation, you might consider mustard yellow or pastel yellow for wallet/purse. If you want to save money, choose mustard yellow and if you are someone who want to increase wealth luck you can choose pastel yellow instead.
Purple Wood Purple is similar as pink as they represent love luck and it is suitable for singles who are seeking for their other half, but avoid this color if you are looking for wealth.

Tip 5 - Avoid using 2nd Hand Wallet
Do not use a wallet that was used before because the previous owners energy has been in the wallet and it might influence you if you start using it. You will never know if it is good luck or bad one, so just get a brand new one instead.

Tip 6 - Activate Wealth Luck

Magnetize and attract more cash by placing three energized Feng Shui coins on a red ribbon next to your cash in your wallet. Do not buy items directly from market that are not energized and many times they carry negative energy with them. Always buy energized and cleansed items from a Feng Shui expert and follow the method through which they need to be used.

Tip 7 - Be organized and sort out your notes

You can tell if a person has money or not by simply looking at the way a person placed their money into their wallets. For those who respect and appreciate the money, they had all their notes and coins neatly sorted. As for those who were broke or always lack of money will have disorganized and messy wallets. Be sure to arrange your notes in an upright position before placing them into your wallet because it has a huge influence over the energetic relationship between you, your wallet and money.

You might consider getting a wallet or purse with compartments for you to organize your things neatly, instead of getting one without any compartments.

Tip 8 - Choose an Auspicious shape

Avoid choosing irregular wallet/purse shape. It is best to have long and straight type that you do not have to fold the notes in order to put it in. It helps to enhance wealth luck.


About Money Frog

Feng Shui advocates Frog as a powerful tool to attract money, wealth and prosperity. The three legs of money frog symbolize the holy trinity of heaven, earth and humankind. Called in Chinese as Chan Chu, the money frog has other names such as wealth frog, money toad, lucky money frog, fortune frog, three legged prosperity toad and several others. Feng Shui attaches a great importance to money frog and contains several prescriptions on how to make the best use of them at homes. The use of the Feng Shui money frog has deep symbolic roots. It is a mythological creature with three legs that is said to attract wealth and abundance. A money frog can be placed in more than one location and position, but there are a few general rules for where and how to place it in order to enjoy the benefits of this spiritual symbol.

It is believed that on every full moon day, money frog appears in front of the houses that have the luck of listening to great news about the receiving of wealth or money gain. In a typical representation, the money frog is depicted with three legs and holding a coin in its mouth. The posture looks as though it is just ready to jump into the house carrying all the wealth.

Feng Shui tips for placing Money frogs

It is important to place the money frog rightly so that you reap the desired benefits of attracting wealth. You must place the money frog near the entrance of the house with the frog facing inside. For businessmen, the idea location to place the money frog is the money corner or the corner of wealth namely the South East. It is very necessary that your money frog is properly energized and cleansed of all the negative energy so that it leads to attracting wealth.

For advancing your career, you need to place it in the north side. Preferably place it on the coffee table at home or place it on the work table at the office.

Where the Feng Shui Money frog must not be placed

Money frog must not be placed in the bedroom, toilet, bathroom and kitchen. Never position it facing outside. It must not be placed just opposite to the main door or entrance. Do not keep it on the floor or ground. Feng Shui does not allow any broken toads at home. Also, never leave the surroundings of the frog cluttered.

How Many Money Frogs one can Keep?

Ideally, you can keep nine frogs inside your living room or garden each of them facing one direction. Please remember that place them in such a way that they all face different directions. This is a symbolic representation of money flowing from all the directions. Especially the one at the entrance must face the inside of the house only. The other numbers advised are six or three. Most people just have a single money frog at home and still feel the benefits. So, why wait? Follow the guidelines and invite good luck to your home coming through this money frog. Contact our LAL KITAB ASTRO CENTRE (LKAC) to get duly energized Money frog to bring wealth, income and prosperity to your place.


I regularly got many mails from concerned parents and aspiring students to share some effective remedy for improving results in their exams. There are many parents who share that their child is either unable to grasp the subject or do not have much interest in studies. For all such concerns, today I am sharing a very effective Feng Shui remedy. The remedy is keeping a dragon education tower duly energized at the place where your child regularly studies. I can assure you that dragon tortoise will definitely provide a student with a higher chance of improving his or her results. There are many students who want to go to abroad for higher studies. By keeping this dragon education tower there is a considerable increase in chances of their receiving monetary aid and merit scholarships for studying abroad.

An important question arises in the mind of all people who are thinking of keeping this tower at their place is how does it works. Before discussing answer to this question I would suggest one important thing you must keep in your mind while installing this education tower. Please do not keep this tower without getting it energized otherwise it would not work. Most of the times such things have negative energy which needs to be cleansed by a Feng Shui expert and it has to be bounded by positive energy so that it can show its best results. This Feng Shui product is a combination of the Dragon Tortoise and the Pagoda. Together, they produce very strong energy for enhancing education luck and career luck in Feng Shui beliefs. It is an excellent Feng Shui enhancer of knowledge, creativity, arts and science for getting sustained results, awards and rewards.

Dragon education tower is ideal for scoring high in competitive exams and to make a good career in knowledge based systems. It is most suitable for Students of all ages especially for those who are pursuing higher studies and need motivation for it. It is also very useful for Teachers, Professors, Creative & Performing Artists, Journalists, Speakers, Designers, Scientists and all those in Research & Development. This tower has to be kept in North east corner of the study room. The education tower has multiple uses as Feng Shui cures and not only for education luck. If your child suffers from poor grades and has difficulty in performing simple educational tasks, you can place the education tower in your child study room on their table. If he or she lacks confidence and is being bullied by everyone, then put the tower in a place behind his chair and see how he or she gains confidence and stability. Also activate the South West to improve all relationships and the North West to invite helpful friends in his life, you will see his grades improve and friends and teachers who will be happy to help and encourage him.

Now I would discuss scientifically the built of dragon education tower. Feng Shui regards dragon as very lucky. The tiers and the shape of the pagoda kept on dragon are unique and represent different aspects of life. The five tier education tower represents the five elements in nature and is the base in Feng Shui. The seven tiers represent Buddhist auspicious symbols for good luck and prosperity along with enlightenment and healing. Nine tiers is a symbol of completion, whole representing the entire universe.   It indicates power, position, stability, confidence and helps remove insecure feelings from your child mind. This is the best shape and universally accepted Feng Shui cure.

If your child lacks clarity and is unable to concentrate on studies try self talk and confidence talk by making your child repeat positive affirmations. Place the education tower with positive intentions .This sends a message to the universe that you want to invite education luck into your child life. You may use the tower as any Feng Shui cure but remember to make clear cut intentions of what that you wish to gain from using this cure. Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui. 

Learning Feng Shui � Beginner Course (Online and Offline)

"Feng" means "wind" and "shui" means "water." In Chinese culture gentle wind and clear water have always been associated with good harvest and good health, thus "Feng Shui" came to mean good livelihood and fortune. It is one of the most ancient Chinese Arts of placement that balances the natural forces of the universe to help Chi (positive energy) flow in the best possible way.

Looking at the interest of many people for learning Feng Shui under the guidance of Acharya Vikas Kumar Malhotra Ji, we at Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) have launched Beginner Feng Shui course. This course can be done online as well as offline. In online mode you can study Feng Shui sitting at your house or office place through video chatting while in offline mode, you will have to visit our centre in Janak Puri.

The course details of Beginner Feng Shui course can be seen below:

Duration of course - 6 months (15 lectures)

Class duration - 1 hour

Frequency of Classes - Alternate days (e.g., Monday, Wednesday and Friday) or Weekends

Course Fees - Rs. 18,000

Course Contents �

What is Feng Shui and History of Feng Shui

Five elements and its applications

Yin & Yang, Tai- Chi & its symbol, Universal rules of Feng Shui, Chinese Zodiac system, Chinese Zodiac signs & their characteristics, Four Celestial Animals in Feng Shui and their applications in house, building, bedroom, office, etc.

Chi: Sheng and Sha chi, Shapes and energy flow in them, Space Clearing and purifying ritual: duration, ways, benefits of clutter clearing, Feng Shui rules relating to doors, windows, toilets, mirror, etc. Mapping the flow of Chi Energy

Meaning of eight Trigrams in Feng Shui, Kua Number, Ming Gua and BaGua, Auspicious directions according to Kua, Lucky numbers

Feng Shui compass and Feng Shui cures, How to build a house and use of Feng Shui for a wealthy life

Door, Living area, Bedroom, childrens sector, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden, Fountain and Backyard and Feng Shui rules and directions

Good Luck objects in Feng Shui and how to use them

Examination and Certificate - On completion of course, an assignment for online students and practical examination for offline students would be conducted. On successful completion of course a certificate is awarded for the relevant course. An aggregate of 50 % marks is regarded as minimum percentage for qualifying this course. After successful completion of course a certificate is awarded for the relevant course. An examination fee of Rs. 1,500 would have to be deposited at the time of filling up the examination form.

How to enroll - Students desirous of pursuing this course need to deposit or transfer the fees in our bank account, details of which can be seen in payment information tab at our website.

Three Generation Turtles for Family Increase, Luck, Unity & Harmony

Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) presents Feng Shui Three Generation/Three Tiered Turtles for increase in luck, unity and harmony in family. On the back of each turtle, there is another turtle signifying generations. It is also known as Triple Tortoise in Feng Shui.

This Feng Shui Tortoise is a symbol of longevity, harmony and happiness. It also represent symbol of protection, health, wealth and prosperity. When three tortoises are stacked on top of each other, it represents the symbol of loving among family members. The tortoises can also life up a century old and this symbolizes longevity for you and your family. It could also represent long lasting friendship or relationship. I would recommend that all newlywed couple and expecting mothers must keep this energized this Three generation turtle in their home. Three generation tortoise has proved to be very crucial to those couples who want to have male child for carrying forward their generation ahead.

In addition to playing a crucial role in progeny and harmony in a house, this turtle is a very powerful symbol of good health, wealth & descendant luck. This Three generation/tiered Feng Shui Tortoises features a sturdy tortoise, which is riding on drifting cloud to signify its celestial nature (as tortoise is one of the Four celestial animals - Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger and Tortoise), with the depiction of it carrying its babies - one on top another on its shell is to portray close bonding in a harmonious family blessed with wonderful descendant luck of many obedient and healthy children. Display this Three Tiered Feng Shui Tortoises to enjoy the propitious embrace of its longevity, health and wealth fortune as well as a harmonious relationship of the family. It helps to reduce the generation gaps and bring about cooperation among family members up to three generations. It can be placed in North/East sector of your home.

There are many types of Turtles available at our centre. Hence it becomes very important to choose the right ones. You can reach out to our centre to get the right one for you.

For any sort of clarifications of the product, orders, price, shipping charges, etc. mail to lalkitabastrocentre@gmail.com or info@lalkitabastro.com or call at our centre.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the products sold by us are PROGRAMMED and ENERGIZED to your specific purposes and goals. The aim is to attain highest potential positive results. As it is programmed it assures long-term life because only energized products have the capacity to generate energy. Due to paucity of time and with the intention of giving the best product to our valued clients, we are only able to take limited orders for each product. Please note that energisation process is a time bound process so give us time of one week for delivery of your orders.

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