Every time I pick any edition of Lal Kitab for reading, I feel I get to learn something new and unique from this ocean of mystic knowledge. Lal Kitab is not an ordinary astrology book. Decoding its meaning on a deep inner level, one will see that the book relates to ethics, morals, spirituality and philanthropy. Following and regularly doing Lal kitab remedies you become a good individual. An aura of positive energy starts flowing around you. A time comes when you are so absolved in doing these remedies, especially remedies which are of philanthropic nature that you tend to forget your troubles. You start living in the present. Lal kitab remedies gave you an opportunity to do some acts without feeling that you actually are doing it. This is what Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that "You fight the battle, do your duty but without involving your ego in it. Leave the fruits of Karma on me". Lal Kitab also tells that you do your duties with pure heart leaving all results on God. Remove your ego and selfish motives. Soon you will notice that things start working for you on their own.

Lal Kitab remedies work as I normally discuss with my clients and students on the premise that a lake is flowing and there is some obstruction in it, may be due to a big stone obstructing free flow of water. With Lal kitab remedies, you remove this stone and water starts flowing in a natural manner and at a faster rate. Likewise if your fortune or fate whatever you may like to say is obstructed in any manner and you do correct lal kitab remedy, it will help you greatly in optimizing your performance and getting peace and happiness. The keys to success of lal kitab remedies lies in accurate analysis of horoscope or lines in the hand or symptoms related to an individual. These remedies raise a protective aura shield around you and your family.

On this page, I would share some remedies which can be done in general for making a protective aura shield around you. For specific consultation, fix an appointment at our centre. Please keep in mind that "People who succeed in life are those who have the guts to put something at stake." These people are able to move ahead of others, bypassing others. Rest of the people continues to search for general remedies on one website to another, listening to general advices on astrological programs etc. For specific problem, specific solutions have to be found. This is the key to open your fortune.


Disputes and Quarrels are an inevitable part of life. Every one of us face such disputes and quarrels which affects our peace of mind also.

Today in this post I am sharing some simple lal kitab remedies that can be done to resolve such conflicts. The best option in such case is to book a specific consultation as I always say that general remedies are no substitute for specific remedies advised through consideration of horoscope thoroughly.

For the benefit of all people associated with us, I am sharing a useful remedy for getting relief from quarrels and disputes in your house.

This remedy can be done by husband or wife or any family member. You have to take 11 basil leaves (Tulsi patte) and one yellow cloth preferably dupatta and one yellow fruit like Mango, yellow pumpkin with stick etc. These have to be offered to Lord Krishna in any temple for eleven thursdays continuously between sunrise to sunset.

When there are frequent quarrels among husband and wife due to family disputes, generally the lady of the house suffers the most. She has to manage house also and if she is working also, then she has to maintain balance between office and work place also. For this reason, I am suggesting an additional remedy for the females. On a Friday, she should cook two bowls of rice before Sun Rise. Now add two tea spoon pure ghee and sugar in it. When they cool down, offer them to a cow. Please remember that all these activities have to be done before sunrise and without interruption or questioning by anyone. If the cow eats such rice, possibility of removal of your conflicts with your life partner would be reduced. Do for at least 4 Fridays continuously.


Are you dissatisfied with your present job? Do you think that inspite of your best efforts you are not able to get a job? Do you think that your luck is not supporting you in your promotion? You are not able to maintain a good repo with your boss? Do you think inspite of having good capability & skills still you are not able to get promotion? Do you feel that your colleagues having lower capability and experience than you are getting promotion? Are you thinking of changing your job from a long period but are not getting the right opportunity?

The above are some of the problems which you may also be facing in your life. Please keep in mind that each and everything in life is attained by working hard for it. There is no substitute for hard work. It is possible that you may get the result of your hard work with a little delay but in the end hard work pays. Despite this there are many people who are not able to get the results of their hard work. They feel that one or the other obstacle always comes in their way and they are not able to get the desired result. For such persons, I am sharing five tried and tested remedies of Lal Kitab for getting desired job and promotion. The only condition is that you must not pick and choose from these remedies. All the remedies given in this post have to be done in the manner as prescribed and with full faith and devotion.

First Remedy - First of all Lord Saturn is considered as the most important planet affecting your job and promotion in it. If you want to get a good job or promotion in your workplace, you are advised to worship Lord Saturn. You can offer Mustard oil on the idol of Lord Shanidev on every Saturday and pray to Him for giving you a good job or promotional opportunity. You can also worship Kaal Bhairav who is regarded as deity of Lord Shanidev in Lal Kitab for a good job or promotion. Please ensure that if you worship Lord Saturn, do it with full devotion and trust. Do not worship Him just for the sake of doing it or out of any fear which quack astrologers and pundits spread about Him.

Second Remedy - Secondly see your birth horoscope and ascertain sixth and tenth lord of your natal chart. Tenth Lord is important for profession and Sixth Lord is ninth from tenth lord which is the destiny of tenth house. It is the house of competition also. Worshiping sixth and tenth lord will open the chances of finding the right job or giving you a good promotional opportunity to you. If you are not sure about the sixth and tenth lord of your horoscope, book a specific consultation with our Lal Kitab Astro Centre (LKAC) and it will be advantageous also for you because it will help you in getting specific remedies for your horoscope.

Third Remedy - Regularly offer water to Sun. Starting from First Sunday of Shukla Paksha (Waxing moon), recite Gayatri Mantra 108 times per day continuously for 43 days without any break. This remedy has to be done at the time of sunrise. You can see the time of sunrise in your city and accordingly do this remedy. 

Fourth Remedy - Worship Lord Ganesha regularly as He is regarded as Vighnaharta (remover of all obstacles). In addition, starting from any Sunday, offer 3 bananas every day for continuously 43 days without any break to any religious place (Temple, Gurudwara, Church, Mosque etc). Please note that you cannot combine remedy three and four. First of all third remedy has to be done followed by fourth remedy. This remedy can be done anytime between Sunrise to Sunset.

Fifth Remedy - Offer bananas to cow preferably on a Thursday regularly for getting job and promotional opportunities. You can also offer green grass on Wednesday and Roti or bread on Friday to cow.

The above remedies will definitely help you in getting a good job or removing obstructions in your promotion. There are many more remedies available but they can only be advised looking at the astrological combinations in your horoscope. For such specific remedies, you can book an appointment with our centre.


Today in this post, I am sharing with some of the effective Lal Kitab Astrology remedies for avoiding financial losses & getting financial prosperity.

You might have observed that many times you have to suffer financial losses or expenses suddenly. It is also possible that you might have invested some amount but now you are not able to recover it and loss of such amount appears to be imminent.

To avoid financial losses & getting good wealth, you can do the remedies suggested in this post. Do the remedies with full faith and you will definitely see good results. For specific remedies book a consultation at our website.    


Remedy 1 - At least once in a month you should pay some amount to a Eunuch or a Sweeper. This will help you in getting good results of Mercury and Rahu.

Remedy 2 - Try to abhishek Lord Shanidev with mustard oil tilak on every Saturday. This will help in avoiding malefic effects of Planet Saturn. Saturn is responsible for success of our business and earnings. This remedy would ensure blessings of Shanidev which will help you in getting success in your job and business.

Remedy 3 - In every month on a Saturday, you should offer jalebi or Imarti to a dog and give something to eat to a beggar.

Remedy 4 - Try to get blessings of an aged person especially on a Thursday. Offer something to eat to such person also. It will ensure success in your path to financial prosperity.

Remedy 5 - Once in every month try to keep aside some amount from your salary or income in your house temple. From this amount, spend some money on a good religious act. It will ensure your financial prosperity.


In this post I am sharing some simple Lal Kitab Remedies for improving educational ability and output of students. This will be crucial in increasing memory power of students. They will be able to achieve success in their examinations. Do these remedies coupled with your wholehearted efforts:

Remedy 1 - If you are facing problem in learning lessons or you feel that learnt material is skipped from mind easily, then you should do this remedy. For this purpose, take three yellow pede (sweets) on Thursday and offer it to a cow. Do this for 21 Thursdays continuously.

Remedy 2 - When you are giving examinations, use Kesar Tilak on your forehead.

Remedy 3 - Whenever you sit for studies, first of all think of Maa Saraswati. Lit an incense stick and request Maa Saraswati to give Her blessings to you. Offer green grass to a cow on Wednesday regularly. It will improve your memory.

Remedy 4 - Wear energized Saraswati Rudraksha Pendant offered by our centre. This pendant is a combination of two four mukhi rudraksha and one six mukhi rudraksha. It is specifically energized for child’s mental growth and success. Wearing this rudraksha would result in success in studies and increase in academic power and knowledge of the wearer. Alternatively you can install Divine Saraswati Yantra in the room in which your child studies for optimization of results of his or her study. You can contact our centre for getting Maa Saraswati Pendant or Divine Saraswati Yantra.


How often do you perform any astrological remedy by reading it on internet? Do you always consult a skilled professional astrologer before undertaking remedies?

In the current era where World Wide Web has gained immense popularity many people are attracted to getting a quick and free solution to their problems relating to job, career, family, business, health, foreign travel etc without consulting a professional astrologer. In this process, they usually come across many websites and blogs that provide quick solutions to their problems by prescribing some remedies. There are many books that are being sold in the market giving totka or quick fix solutions to all problems. People go in for doing remedies searched on internet without realizing that such remedies may prove to be very costly for their future. This is known as Self experimentation in Astrology.

Through this post I would like to emphasize that this practice of self experimentation is dangerous for you. It can be detrimental to your career, health and may lead you in trouble due to the reason that astrological remedies need to be suggested by a professional astrologer looking at particular combinations of your horoscope. It is likely that referring to astrology blogs or websites instead of booking a specific consultation may save money and time to you in short term but it can lead to a grave misdiagnosis & may prove costly to you in long run. Only a professional astrologer can reason and figure out what your symptoms and horoscope readings is reflecting. This self experimentation is like self medication which is described as the human behavior of selecting and using medication to treat self diagnosed conditions.

In my everyday interaction with visitors and clients I have observed that this habit of self experimentation is far too common and most people are not aware of how a good astrology remedy can prove to be detrimental for a person who do not have deep knowledge of concepts of astrology and it can damage the career, health and family life of individuals doing the remedies without resorting to professional advice.  I would like to discuss some of the practical examples which I have come across with all of you to give an idea how perfect astrological remedies can be misdiagnosed by an individual leading to his or her loss. Recently a lady has contacted me for consultation as she was very depressed for her husband who has lost his job three months back. He was working in a real estate construction firm. Since then, her husband is trying to find a job. After carefully analyzing the chart of her husband, I asked her whether she has done any remedies before also. She told me that she has visited two to three websites where she read that when Saturn is in first house, it is advisable to bury surma in a deserted place. She performed this remedy as her husband was trying for promotion in his office but since doing this remedy, she told that her husband lost job. Now this was a classic example of doing remedies prescribed on internet without analyzing horoscope. Lal Kitab says that Saturn in first house can be three times benefic or three times malefic. Saturn is considered as benefic in first house when House number 3, 7 and 10 are not occupied by planets inimical to Saturn. It is considered as malefic when Sun, Moon or Mars are in 7th house. In the case of that lady’s husband horoscope, Saturn was benefic and she buried surma which is an article connected with Saturn in a deserted place. Saturn was not giving any adverse impact by its placement while it was giving beneficial results instead to the native. Through burying surma in deserted place, such beneficial results were deprived. Another example of a person who visited me one month before is also discussed here. His Rahu was in 5th house in varshphal. He consulted a website that prescribed that if Rahu is in 5th house, an individual can get rid of any problem associated with it by flowing 500 gram barley in a river. Lal Kitab in this context state that before prescribing any remedy for varshphal relating to Rahu, position of Sun should be seen. Sun was posited in fourth house in that year and the consequence of doing the remedy was that he suffered problems relating to heart and angioplasty was performed. The motive of citing some examples to you is to clarify that before doing astrological remedies, it is always safe to consult a professional astrologer otherwise self experimentation may lend you in trouble also.  There are many websites that suggest donating items relating to planets like Saturn, Mars, Venus etc. The principle of Lal Kitab is that if a planet is exalted in your horoscope, you should refrain from donating any item pertaining to such planet. When you read online remedies, you do not know the position of planets in your horoscope and you may indulge in some remedies that may prove to be disastrous for you. This is the reason we ensure that all our articles contains only those remedies which can be performed by all and if the remedies are for specific combinations, it is clearly advised to consult a professional astrologer before doing those remedies.


Today I am sharing a very effective remedy for ensuring growth of your business. Generally it is seen that many people visit your shop or business place every day. There are many people who have an evil eye or who are not happy with your growth. Such evil eye is very bad for your business. This result in negative energy for your business and the result is that you start facing obstacles in running your shop or business and you are not able to understand where the problem lies. You analyze that your sales graph is decreasing and although some customers visit your shop but you are not able to materialize sale. For all such cases, this remedy is recommended and if you can do this remedy as prescribed, you will definitely see an increase in your business. The remedy which I am sharing with you can be done once in a month and especially at the time when you are facing troubles, obstacles and inability to grow your business. For specific remedies, you can always book a consultation at our website.

For doing this remedy, you have to do two things. First of all take 250 gram Black Gram Lentils sabut (Black urad or Kali Daal) and go to your shop on Saturday. Keep it in the shop for the whole day. In the evening when you are going home, spread these granules in your shop near the door of the shop. Next day, i.e. Sunday when you open your shop, collect these granules and put them in a black cloth and keep it under a Peepal tree. The whole negative energy of your shop will be absorbed by these granules. You can do this remedy once in a month or when you are facing problems, you can do this remedy once in a week also. Secondly, keep a SHREE SAMPURNA VYAPAR VRIDHI YANTRAM duly energized at your shop so that it can protect you from similar problems in the future and reflect positive energy in your shop or business place. You can visit our website at following link to know more about this yantra and the procedure of getting this yantra.


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