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Lal Kitab has unique system of prediction which includes use of Birth horoscope, Annual horoscope, Palmistry and Samudrik Shastra, i.e. interpretation looking at physical features of an individual to provide accurate remedies for solution of various problems.

Lal Kitab remedies are affordable, easy and provide quick results. The effect of remedies is unbelievable. In my opinion, Lal Kitab remedies are especially useful for getting quick results in Kaliyuga as the traditional methods viz. mantra, yagna, japa, havana etc. have become very difficult in this period. The irony however is that inspite of such uniqueness of Lal Kitab, there is confusion relating to its interpretation. It has become difficult to understand Lal Kitab for a reader due to mysterious and talismatic language used by Pandit Roop Chand Joshi Ji , its author. In addition, readers find it difficult to understand the logic behind various "Armaans", "Farmaans" and couplets of Lal Kitab. Rationale behind the farmaans, the couplets of the Lal Kitab, and remedies thereof are also difficult to understand.

On this page, I am making an effort to decode the hidden secrets of Lal Kitab. I have discovered that there are many topics and areas in Lal Kitab which are not properly decoded due to which people are being misguided by crooks who want to just make quick money using Lal Kitab. I would try to explain intricate and difficult Lal Kitab concepts, grammar and remedies in a simple language so that readers and practitioners are able to optimize advantages of Lal Kitab. For the benefit of people who want to learn Lal Kitab, our centre has started Lal Kitab courses (online and offline), details of which can be seen in Learning Lal Kitab tab of our website. If you want specific consultation, you can book appointment at our website.


Decoding Saturn Moon combination in horoscope through Lal Kitab Astrology

Saturn Moon combination either through conjunction or aspect in a horoscope is regarded as the deadliest combination in almost all branches of astrology.  In Vedic astrology, Saturn Moon combination is known as Visha Yoga or Poison Yoga. Moon and Saturn are not fond of being together. Moon is a planet that deals with emotions, fluid levels in the body, mind and mother. Saturn is a slow task master who deals with the deep things of the world, longevity of the native and profession of the native. This conjunction results in weak emotions or poor emotional control by which the native can go to express extremes of emotions during an unpredictable time. One important inference of Saturn Moon combination in the horoscope through conjunction is that the native has taken birth in Sade Saati.

Lal Kitab 1952 edition term Saturn Moon combination as indicating black ink, Baoli (step-well like a well use for storing water), weapon or an axe facing towards our own face instead of opponent, tortoise, spoilt milk, iron-made horse-cart which may cause accident, bus or vehicles made of iron, cursed well, poisonous milk etc.  Moon is cornea, Saturn is eye sight hence native may suffer from eye defects. Moon is horse and of white color whereas Saturn is of black color and henceforth this combination indicates black horse or a blind horse. Saturn rules over buffalo hence this combination indicates black buffalo with white patch on the head. 

In this post, I have shared my views on this combination using principles laid down in Lal kitab. Many students have requested me to share my views on this combination as there is not much information and literature material available on this combination on internet and books available on Lal Kitab.

Basic concepts relating to Saturn Moon combination in Lal Kitab

First of all, Saturn Moon combination results in formation of an artificial planet (debilitated Ketu) in horoscope. In Lal Kitab 1952 edition (page 839) Saturn is equated with black ink and moon is well. The combination of both results in spoiling of results of both planets. It is a weapon or axe that shoots back on the individual itself.

Lal Kitab says that this combination is like poison in milk. Both combined together are termed as blind horse (moon) or a house (Saturn) floating in a river. The inference is that combination of Saturn and Moon is adverse for the native. He or she loses sense of direction or feels that stability is not in their life. Both planets give combined results till the age of 44 years and both will affect the results of Ketu also. An important thing to keep in mind is that if one planet is good in the horoscope, then the other would give mande or bad results. If Saturn for example is giving good results, then Moon would give one third bad results. Where Moon is good then Saturn accordingly will give bad results.

An important issue for the astrologer lies in deciding which planet between Saturn and Moon is strong. This would be decided looking at the condition of eye of the individual. If the condition of eye is good, Saturn would be strong and vice versa. If Saturn and Moon combination is associated with Jupiter or houses owned by Jupiter then it has a positive impact on the native.

Results of Saturn Moon Combination

Saturn Moon combination either through conjunction or aspect is not bad per se. Depending on the lordship and the house in which Saturn Moon conjunction takes place, it will produce positive or negative results.

Moon is the Karaka for Mind, when well placed moon is in conjunction or mutual aspect with well placed Saturn then native will have tendency to understand higher meaning of life. Many spiritual masters had Saturn Moon conjunction in their horoscope, this conjunction will create many followers for them. On the other hand if Moon is weak or afflicted, then negative effects of this combination will also be felt.

Moon is the planet for mother. If Moon is afflicted and if it has relationship with 4th lord or 4th house then the native will deprive from nurture of his or her mother. Moon is also karaka of Mind, so if moon is afflicted with Saturn conjunction then person will have stressful life during its dasha or bhukti. It has also been seen in many horoscopes that in Saturn Moon combination, the environment in which child has grown lack the desired warmth and love and the mother of the native herself has suffered the pain which is transferred to the kids. Thus such natives gain perseverance, maturity and practicality in early stage to a great extent. In such cases sometimes the native is deprived of attachment to the world.  Here in this post, I am discussing some of the general and specific malefic effects of Saturn Moon combination:

General malefic effects of Saturn Moon combination

Whenever enemies of Moon come in first house in varshphal, there is possibility of theft and loss of wealth to the native.

Native will lose wealth or suffer from theft in periods of planets inimical to Moon. The wife of native, in laws and friends will enjoy on his wealth.

Work of Saturn or articles related to Saturn will be the cause of trouble for the native.

Moon is wealth and Saturn is cashier hence native may suffer from poverty. Moon is silver coin and Saturn is iron. Hence this combination indicates iron coin and combination of both would result in Khota Sikka which has no value. In this combination Saturn will act as a cashier which will not allow spending money to the native in time of crisis. Such native will not be able to get even the benefit of his own income.

If Saturn and Moon are not good in horoscope, then this combination will result in trouble to native from constructing his house. Instead of giving comfort to native, the house built by the native will result in loss of peace of mind for native.

Any article which has black and white combination would lead to loss or damage to articles and relatives associated with Jupiter and Ketu.

Sometimes the native becomes very selfish and may attack other person also. He or she may suffer from eye defects or heart related problems. 

Specific malefic effects of Saturn Moon combination

Specific impact of Saturn Moon combination can be predicted looking at the horoscope of native only. Still there are some combinations which deserve special mention and I am discussing them here also along with possible remedies for them. You are strictly advised not to experiment if you do not have indepth knowledge of Lal Kitab astrology. Such experiments can backfire for the native. Take the advice of an expert lal kitab astrologer in such cases:

If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in third house, native will have good immovable property but he or she will lack liquidity implying no cash in hand. In such cases, native is advised to perform remedies of Ketu. If in any case, Ketu is also malefic, then native is advised to bury red alum in some deserted place. 

If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in fourth house, then the native will gain good wealth. If Sun is benefic in such horoscope, the native will also gain benefits from parents. Saturn in this combination will act like a snake that protects the native instead of biting. In this case, the native is advised to refrain from indulging in love affairs. The wealth of the native in this case is enjoyed by others after his or her death as he may not have any child. The best remedy for this combination is offering milk (water) to snakes. You may have noticed that I am recommending use of water instead of milk because milk becomes the cause of death of thousands of snakes as I discussed before also due to the greed of snake catchers to extract more and more money from fooling natives offering milk to snakes. You can yourself use your common sense to see that it is not worthwhile to offer milk to snake which becomes their cause of death. In such cases, you will face adverse consequences inspite of doing the remedy.

Moon and Saturn combination is considered as bad for finances of native if this combination is taking place in fifth house of the horoscope. Native will suffer and his mother’s eyesight also suffers. The native do not have sufficient money at its disposal. In such cases, Lal Kitab suggests keeping some Chuara (form of dry fruit) in the iron locker where native use to keep his money.

If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in seventh house, then native may have serious defects in eyes or even blindness. Native will suffer miserably if he fights with his wife. If native consumes milk and black pepper together especially in the night, then he will suffer from diseases of lungs, heart eye problems and will lose his wealth. Either of his parents will die by 42 years in the age of 9th, 18th or 36th year. Native will die at his own residence in his birth place. He will get defame because of his methods of earnings. 

If Moon and Saturn combination is taking place in tenth house, then it is considered as very inauspicious. There is a chance of native spoiling all his wealth and he will suffer more due to illicit love affairs.

General Remedies for Saturn Moon Combination

In the above paragraph, I have discussed some specific remedies for Saturn Moon combination. More remedies can be suggested analyzing the horoscope of native. I am sharing some general remedies for this combination also for the benefit of all.

Saturn is snake and Moon signifies milk. As a remedy Lal Kitab suggests feeding milk to snakes to ward off evils of this combination. As snakes are not able to digest higher quantity of milk especially in special days like Mahashivratri or Nag Panchami where snakes are fed with very high quantity of milk and they are deprived of food or water for many days before these festivals. I would suggest you to offer water to snakes as they would be able to digest it quickly and would get relief also from drinking high quantity of milk which is not meant for them.

Another effective remedy for Saturn and Moon combination is that you can keep gangajal in a round silver plate or katori in an iron container or almirah. Put four silver square pieces into it. Replenish water as and when it evaporates.

If there is a problem of eyesight for the native, he or she should drink water by mixing sugar, milk, lemon, green tea or anything which is available in the particular season for continuously 43 days. In such cases, mild use of liquor can also be made. In this period of 43 days, use of plain water is prohibited.

At the time of lunar eclipse, articles of Saturn like Almonds with shells can be flown in river. If Rahu is also affecting this combination, coconut can also be flown in river and you can also do remedy for Sun for the particular house in which it is placed.


In general every native is advised by his or her elders to spend money with due care as money helps in difficult times. However a native should not go to other extreme where he or she refuses to spend money on necessary items also. A balanced approach is required to be followed while deciding to spend your hard earned money.

Whether Lal Kitab can prove to be useful in advising a native about the way money has to be spent based on his or her planetary position? This question is explored in the light of rules of grammar laid down by Lal Kitab. In this artilce, I have discussed the effects of placement of Moon in 4th house of horoscope as per Lal Kitab. 

For a native who has Moon in fourth house of his or her horoscope, Lal Kitab terms it as “a river of wealth which would increase by spending”. Lal Kitab says that a native with Moon in fourth house would see an increase in his or her wealth by spending money. Higher the spending, the more will be the income. This rule is however subject to the condition that first of all, Moon should be alone in 4th house of the horoscope and secondly the money should be spend on good deeds like for own requirements, good deeds, charity etc. The logic behind this recommendation is that river water remains pure till the time it continues flowing freely. As soon as the water stops flowing, it results in decay of water and water starts rotting. So if a native with Moon in 4th house of the horoscope without any conjunction comes to you, advice him to spend money on good deeds as such spending will attract more income.

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